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These reports had been sent to the Buddhaboy Google Group I was one of the four managers of. During my stay in Nepal's Halkoria Jungle, near Dharma Sangha, Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma), another manager, pushed me out of my position, later even membership, and later she blocked my access to this forum. I was a devotee of Ram Bahadur Bomjon who came to volunteer for him at Andy's explicit invitation.

Then she left and organized a hate campaign to oust me out from Halkoria, together with her friends Khenpo Sonam Gyurme and Pragyaratna Ghullu, and worldly Committees. As it soon became apparent, the reason for their unprecedented hatred was that I was a more experienced Yogi, educated in Yogic and mystical literature from my 16th year (I was 45 when I arrived to volunteer to Dharma Sangha). When slowly pushed out by them from all Sangha facilities, rights and information, I stayed in Nepal as a loner, supported by local villagers and a small group of more caring Google Group readers from abroad, who spontaneously formed a smaller "Marici's Google Group", to which I continued to send my Reports, as an excommunicated outsider, but still a very devoted follower of Dharma Sangha.

The Reports from Halkhoriya are a collection of the most read threads posted by me in the old general Buddha Boy Google Group and later in the new smaller Google Group about the events going on in Halkoria, around me and in my Nepali environment.